New features with TıkaBasa


Thanks to the integration of TıkaBasa with TıkaBasa-POS, the orders of customer/waiter are directly sent to the monitors or printersof the related departments. Upon sending the order, the operation is started without needing any agent.

And also, the orders placed by TıkaBasa, the New-generation Waiter, are also reflected to the inventory.

TıkaBasa POS

Besides basic integrations such as order management, purchasing, inventory monitoring, food basket, and caller id, the orders of both the customers and the waiters are sent to the business by just one click via TıkaBasa application

TıkaBasa POS which provides compatibility for the operations (table service, self service, package) has the ability and flexibility to get new features according to the actual needs of the customers.


Thanks to the cloud infrastructure, T-Boss enables real-time monitoring and analysis according to all parameters within the business. It enables you monitor your business all over the world by analyzing it by a wide range of criteria such as service time of the staff, product quantities in the inventory